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peanut butter

Our healthy and tasteful peanut butter is consumed in over 18 countries and available at every reputed supermarket chain and food stores.

Our mission is to create and promote great-tasting, healthy snacks. We strive to grow our business by offering a wide variety of convenient, delicious, and affordable food choices to nourish people’s lives.
peanut butter
peanut butter
To consistently provide our customers with impeccable service by giving healthy and quick food choices for all occasions.

We are driven by an intense and competitive spirit of the marketplace, but this spirit is directed towards solutions that benefit both our company and constituents. We see our success as inextricably linked to that of our customers, consumers, and communities. We believe in hard work with a balance of rigour and fun.

peanut butter

The reason why we operate in the F&B sector is that we wish to create little moments of joy daily, that have a big influence on the wellness of our consumers overall. Driven by this desire, Savory has been a pioneer in bringing novel food products to the International market. Going ahead, we wish to play a bigger part by taking care of the pressing need of ensuring nutrition and improving the average level of health


Every Idea starts with a problem. The problem is clear and out in the public; foods on shelves are not healthy and expensive. Being In the food industry since a decade, we found out that food brands are putting up every possible Item made out of dough, corn and palm oil. Obviously, these are popular among the masses as there is a dearth of healthy food choices! Fortunately, as for we… we were always in the most sought after packed, healthy food choice- peanut butter. Seeing how the masses have devoured in quick snacks in the recent times have encouraged us to move Peanut Butter with Bread Sticks to the shelves to bring the much desired shift. Everyone is health conscious and it is a good thing! And, we want to be only seen as an excuse to eating and still staying healthy.


The journey started in 1996 at Pitt State University. While eating a spoonful of peanut butter from Peter Pan jar, the idea of bringing it to India came up to Mr Bajaj. Two years down the line, he established the country’s first peanut butter manufacturing unit in his hometown – Ahmedabad. A specialised recipe was developed by NMCP Institue of Netherlands. Twenty years later, Bajaj Foods Ltd became the contract manufacturer for well know Indian and international brands. Having a well-established knowledge of the Indian market, he planned to introduce a peanut butter based snack pack. The concept of peanut butter with breadstick evolved and a product was made. Healthy, tasty, easy to use, and pocket friendly with no compromise on ingredients became the main mantra for developing it. Hence developed a product called, “Savory Peanut Butter With Breadstick”.