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Savory peanut butter is Bajaj Foods’ initiative to solve unhealthy snacking and protein deficiency problems. Over 70% of Indian meals lack protein. Kids suffer the most because they dislike having Dal – a rich source of protein. So, to fill the protein gap, we’ve introduced Savory peanut butter with breadsticks. A product that contains 9 grams of protein, which is 2 times more protein than Dal! Introduce Savory to your kids to nourish them with protein, right from a young age!

Our mission is to eliminate unhealthy snacking habits and protein deficiency in kids by providing Savory – a tasty and protein rich snack.
73% of Indian meals are protein deficient. Improper growth, unhealthy weight and poor height are results of the same.
Our vision is to engineer a steep decline in India’s protein deficiency percentage, through Savory.
We are driven by an intense and competitive spirit of the marketplace, but this spirit is directed towards solutions that benefit both our company and constituents. We see our success as inextricably linked to that of our customers, consumers, and communities. We believe in hard work with a balance of rigour and fun.
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