Low on energy? Switch to peanut butter with bread sticks!

How many times have you skipped a healthy snack like peanut butter with bread sticks and purchased an energy drink to reenergize yourself?

While few of us might opt for a quick drink, most of us would resort to a cup of tea or coffee or even munch on to some fries.
Refuelling your body is essential, but there’s a way to do it. Consuming energy drinks and junk food to satiate your hunger harms your body in many ways.
Such foods have high amounts of sugar, caffeine and fat. In the long run, they can be hazardous.

Want to reenergize yourself in a healthy manner?
Switch to Savory peanut butter with bread sticks!

Peanuts are instant energy suppliers. That’s the secret behind trekkers carrying a pack of peanuts!

But energy is not the only reason. Just munch on to a fistful of peanuts and you’ll find your hunger pangs disappearing. Unhealthy energy drinks and wafers leave you with an empty stomach, peanuts wont!

Why Savory peanut butter with bread sticks?
Because it’s yummier! But it’s not just yummy, it’s healthy too!

Few of you might ponder, how can butter be healthy?

But the fact is we’re not talking about milk butter, we’re talking about Savory peanut butter with bread sticks– yes, they’re different!

Savory peanut butter with bread sticks are loaded with healthy fats and protein that feed your body with adequate energy and nutrients. With peanut butter, you consume a good portion your daily protein requirement. A pack of Savory gives you 9 grams of protein!

But, wouldn’t peanut butter increase your weight?
No. It does not!

Because of the high protein content along with fibres in abundance, you feel fuller by consuming a small serving. So, while you have peanut butter just to reenergize yourself, you also help your body eat less fat and consume more protein!

Sounds like a healthy deal right?

Savory super snack
Savory peanut butter with bread sticks!

What other benefits do you get from Savory peanut butter with bread sticks?
• Potassium
• Magnesium
• Antioxidants

When and how to have peanut butter?

There’s no ideal way, spread it on your bread and have it as sandwich or simply gulp down a gallop of peanut butter and feel energized instantly.

You can have peanut butter at any point of the day, and the night as well! It can be your alternative to regular butter or even cheese for your sandwiches. Ideally, you can start off your day on an energy high by having it in breakfast.
Skip your coffee breaks and switch to peanut butter breaks!

Care for your health and get the right energy from a delicious source that never lets you down.
Want another reason to have Savory peanut butter with bread sticks?

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