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Short height has been an age-old problem. But why?

Did you know short height has been linked with lack of nutrients in the body?
A body that doesn’t get the right nutrients fails to grow properly.
Many of us wonder why the characteristic Indian height is short? Why is it that people from other parts of the world have excellent height but we don’t?
There are some uncontrollable factors like genes and geographies, but there also are controllable factors like nutrition that can contribute to people’s height, in general.

We all believe that Indian foods are rich in nutrients, especially because of so many cuisines entrenched into the traditions of our country. But, do you get all the necessary nutrients?
80% of Indian diets are protein deficient. So practically NO, you don’t get all the essential nutrients.

What about Dal?
Dal, surely is a healthy source of protein.
But, short height has nothing to do with Dal because short height has everything to do with habits.
We all know that we grow dynamically from toddler to teen stages of life. But that’s also the age where individuals avoid having Dal.

Proteins are the building blocks of the body and Dal contains protein.
So, if your kids avoid having Dal in the growing stages of their life, can you expect them to grow taller?

Along with height, unhealthy weight and lack of strength too fall under the ambit of this habit problem.
If your children consume Dal, that’s great. But, if they avoid having it, it’s an alarming sign.
You need to do something about it without any delay.

You can switch to Savory and give your kids 9 grams of protein every day – that’s 2 times more protein than Dal!
Savory is available in 3 exciting flavors. So if you’re looking out for variety, we have it!

Consume Savory and let us know how you feel about it!

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